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Our bathrooms are perfect for weddings, festivals, & other special occasions. We also offer long-term options that are perfect for schools, oil fields, emergency response, homeless communities, and more where permanent facilities aren’t always practical.

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We have shower trailer designs and floor plans that work well for special events showers, disaster relief showers, oil field showers, school dormitory showers, forest fire showers, military showers, and beach access showers. We also have ADA Shower trailers available.

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At California Restrooms, we have shower trailer designs and floor plans that work well for special events showers, disaster relief showers, oil field showers, school dormitory showers, forest fire showers, military showers, and beach access showers. We also have ADA Shower trailers available. California Restrooms shower trailers are an exceptional resource for offering comfort and a fresh start for one of the communities that need it most. Our shower trailers for homeless communities will not only help your organization serve the physical needs of these individuals but also restore hope to those who may have lost it long ago.

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At California Restrooms we offer a variety of flexible rental options in order to give our clients and customers every possible option to suit their needs. Whether you are looking for a 1 day short term rental, or a 6 month longer term, we can help!

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Daily Rentals are great for special events, weddings, concerts, outdoor parties, and more!

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Weekly Rentals are perfect for week long events like music festivals, short term construction projects, emergency response, and more.

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Long term rentals (More than 30 days) work perfectly for extensive construction projects, restroom replacement, workforce needs, and more.

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"Very nice & Clean Units!"
Very nice and clean units! Very fast in service and very easy to work with for our event in Fresno, recommend California Restrooms for any event. Beautiful 5 station restroom trailer.
Margarita Salazar
3 Hours Ago
"I Would Highly Recommend Them."
Very satisfied with their friendly customer service. You guys are the best! The restroom trailers are extremely nice and clean. I would highly recommend California Restrooms.
Isamar Gomez
2 Days Ago
"Amazing Beautiful Units!"
Had California Restrooms out for an event and I got so many compliments on the restroom Definitely recommend and will definitely be a returning customer and great customer service.
Raquel Espinosa
1 Month Ago
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If you would like assistance determining what rental option is best for you, don't hesitate to give us a call, our best in class customer service agents are here for you!​

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In recent years, a remarkable transformation has taken place in event planning across California. It’s not just about the grandeur of the venues or the star-studded guest lists; it’s about the finer details that elevate the overall experience. One such detail that has rapidly gained popularity and become a trendsetter in California’s event landscape is the use of luxury restroom trailers. These portable, high-end restroom solutions are revolutionizing the way events are held, providing a touch of elegance and comfort that attendees now expect. Join California Restrooms as we explore this rising trend and the reasons behind its widespread adoption.

The California Restrooms Revolution

Luxury restroom trailers like those at California Restrooms have quickly become a fixture at various events throughout California, from glamorous weddings in Napa Valley to high-profile corporate gatherings in Silicon Valley. Gone are the days of standard portable restrooms with their cramped spaces and less-than-ideal conditions. Today, event planners, organizers, and attendees alike are recognizing the immense value that luxury restroom trailers bring to the table.

These restroom trailers are far more than just functional facilities; they are aesthetically pleasing and provide an upscale experience. With features like climate control, spacious interiors, premium finishes, and stylish décor, they exude an air of sophistication that elevates any event. Whether it’s an outdoor festival, a charity gala, a sports event, or a vineyard wedding, luxury restroom trailers have become an integral part of ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction.

Why Luxury Restroom Trailers Are a Must-Have

  1. Comfort and Convenience: Luxury restroom trailers offer a level of comfort and convenience that traditional porta-potties can’t match. With flushing toilets, running water, and climate control, guests can freshen up in a clean and comfortable environment.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal: These trailers are designed with aesthetics in mind. They often feature modern interiors, stylish fixtures, and tasteful décor that seamlessly fit into the event’s overall theme.

  3. Eco-Friendly Options: Many luxury restroom trailers are equipped with eco-friendly features such as low-flow faucets and LED lighting, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

  4. Accessibility: ADA-compliant models ensure that all guests, regardless of mobility, can access the facilities easily.

  5. Multiple Configurations: Luxury restroom trailers come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for events of all scales. From compact units for intimate gatherings to larger trailers for major festivals, there’s an option to fit every need.

The rise of luxury restroom trailers is a testament to California’s commitment to excellence in event planning. As the demand for these upscale facilities continues to grow, event organizers are recognizing the importance of providing guests with an unforgettable and comfortable experience. Whether it’s a high-end wedding, a corporate summit, or a community festival, luxury restroom trailers have become the new standard for ensuring that events in California are not just memorable but also luxurious.

In the coming years, we can expect this trend to gain even more momentum as event planners across the state continue to prioritize guest comfort and satisfaction. Luxury restroom trailers are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity for any event that aims to leave a lasting impression.

As the sun sets over the Golden State, the future of California events looks brighter than ever, thanks to the rise of luxury restroom trailers. So, the next time you attend an event in the Golden State, don’t be surprised if you find yourself admiring the elegance and comfort of these portable facilities – they’re an integral part of the California event experience.  Learn About PSAI here.

In the heart of California, where innovation and environmental consciousness collide, a remarkable shift is taking place in the realm of event planning and sanitation. Luxury restroom rentals, once synonymous with extravagance and opulence, are undergoing a green revolution. As the world grapples with climate change and environmental challenges, California’s event industry is embracing eco-friendly features in restroom rentals, paving the way for sustainable sanitation solutions.

The California Restrooms Evolution

California, often a trendsetter in progressive and sustainable practices, has made significant strides in adopting eco-conscious alternatives in various aspects of life. The events and hospitality industry is no exception. In a state known for its stunning landscapes, pristine coastlines, and commitment to environmental protection, the push for sustainable sanitation is gaining momentum.

Eco-Friendly Features Redefining Luxury Restrooms

  1. Solar-Powered Units: Many luxury restroom rentals in California now feature solar panels that harness the abundant California sunshine to generate electricity. This renewable energy source powers lighting, climate control systems, and more, reducing the carbon footprint of these facilities.

  2. Water Conservation: Water-saving technologies, such as low-flow faucets and toilets, are integral components of eco-friendly luxury restrooms. These features help conserve water, a precious resource in California, without compromising on user experience.

  3. LED Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting not only reduces power consumption but also enhances the aesthetics of luxury restroom interiors. LED fixtures provide bright, well-lit spaces while minimizing energy use.

  4. Recycled and Sustainable Materials: The use of recycled and sustainable building materials in restroom trailer construction is on the rise. These materials reduce the environmental impact of production and contribute to eco-friendly restroom designs.

  5. Biodegradable Toiletries: High-end restroom rentals now provide guests with biodegradable soaps and toiletries, further reducing the environmental footprint of these facilities.

  6. Composting Toilets: Composting toilets are gaining popularity in luxury restroom trailers. These waterless systems convert waste into compost, eliminating the need for water-intensive sewage treatment.

  7. Off-Grid Options: Some luxury restroom trailers are designed to operate off the grid, using composting toilets and alternative energy sources. These off-grid models are ideal for remote events or locations without access to traditional utilities.

The California Restrooms of Tomorrow

As the demand for eco-friendly luxury restrooms continues to grow, California’s event industry is poised to lead the way in sustainable sanitation practices. These eco-conscious features are not only environmentally responsible but also align with the values of many event planners and attendees in the Golden State.

In a world where environmental sustainability is paramount, luxury restroom rentals in California are evolving to meet the expectations of the modern event-goer. With solar power, water conservation, and recycled materials, these restrooms not only provide a high-end experience but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

In California, where natural beauty and eco-consciousness are deeply intertwined, luxury restroom rentals are setting a new standard for sustainable sanitation. As event planners and attendees prioritize eco-friendly options, these restrooms are proving that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. The golden era of eco-friendly luxury restrooms in California has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, providing a conducive learning environment is paramount. While we often think of classrooms, technology, and curriculum as the pillars of modern education, there’s an equally important aspect that’s often overlooked – the quality of facilities, including restrooms. California, a state known for innovation and progress, is at the forefront of redefining educational spaces by incorporating luxury restrooms in schools.

The California Restrooms Revolution

California has a history of trailblazing in education, from pioneering advanced technology integration in classrooms to championing environmental sustainability. Today, the state is embarking on a new journey – transforming the school restroom experience. Luxury restrooms are no longer exclusive to upscale events; they are becoming an integral part of educational institutions, redefining the way students and staff perceive school facilities.

The Impact of Quality Restrooms on Education

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Hygiene: Luxury restrooms in schools provide students with a clean, comfortable, and hygienic environment. This fosters a sense of well-being and dignity, which can positively impact student morale and overall happiness.

  2. Improved Attendance and Focus: Adequate and well-maintained restrooms can contribute to higher attendance rates. When students have access to quality facilities, they are less likely to miss school due to discomfort or health concerns. Moreover, improved restroom conditions can help students stay focused on their studies.

  3. Promoting Healthy Habits: Luxury restrooms often include features such as touchless faucets and soap dispensers, promoting good hygiene practices among students. These habits can translate into better overall health and reduced illness-related absences.

  4. Inclusivity: Many luxury restrooms are equipped with ADA-compliant features, ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to essential facilities. This promotes inclusivity and diversity in schools.

  5. Environmentally Friendly Practices: California’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends to its educational institutions. Some luxury school restrooms incorporate eco-friendly features like low-flow toilets and LED lighting, teaching students the importance of conservation.

The California Restrooms Advantage

California’s embrace of luxury restrooms in schools is a testament to its dedication to providing the best possible educational experience. These facilities go beyond mere functionality; they prioritize the well-being and comfort of students, fostering an environment where learning can thrive.

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, luxury restrooms are emerging as a critical component of modern schools. California’s investment in these facilities reflects its commitment to offering students an educational experience that is not only academically enriching but also physically and emotionally supportive.

In the Golden State, luxury restrooms are reshaping the future of education, one comfortable and hygienic space at a time. As schools prioritize the well-being of their students, they are proving that quality facilities, including restrooms, are integral to creating an environment where young minds can flourish. California’s educational institutions are elevating education by recognizing that luxury restrooms are more than amenities – they are essential contributors to the success of students and the vitality of our communities.